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Spring 2012

“The wide availability of contraception is a root cause of sexual sin both inside and outside of marriage and is directly related to the epidemics of sexually transmitted disease, teen
pregnancy, infertility, dissolution of the family, and decreased respect for all life.” – Dr. Lynn Swan MD

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012

“The Word made flesh and dwelling among us brought about the irrevocable and incomparable status of ‘sons and daughters of God’. The call to be like Christ, therefore, implies an order to things. Living according to God’s order of creation can only lead to our personal joy and, ultimately, our eternal happiness.” – Teresa Altman, RESPECT LIFE Chair

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Fall 2010

“I welcome this first issue of RESPECT LIFE, recognizing its marvelous potential as an instrument for proclaiming and promoting the culture of life…” – Bishop Hebda

Fall 2010 Outside Cover
Fall 2010 Inside Content